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We are a retired Veteran run Charity with our members who served ranging from 91 years of age to 67 with help from Family Members and Friends who all volunteer to make this a success most of the year round in all weathers.

We are a non-profit military Charity consisting of a travelling Model Museum with allied and axis World War 2 planes and tanks and educational learning for all ages. We also have a 1940's living museum which has a very high educational value again for all ages with props,mannequins explaining what life was like during the war in Britain.

We have a firing range consisting of Electric Airsoft world war 2 weapons. We also have a simulated fire section which can be provided at set intervals for events and used in Re-enactments, these consist of a Browning .50 cal machine gun on tripod, Browning .30 cal on tripod, 3 inch Mortar canon and 2 inch Mortar canon. We also have a shop that sells memorabilia from pens to pin badges and all proceeds raised get divided at the end of the year between the royal British Legion and Ssafa.



Anthony Sykes

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel : 01226770739